Like Abraham Lincoln before him, Grant was a Republican. He was elected to two terms and was in office between , during a period of time we call. Ulysses S. Grant was a hero to his generation: the greatest general of the Civil War, a popular president who was elected twice—and could have been elected. Ulysses S. Grant (born Hiram Ulysses Grant, April 27, – July 23, ) was an American general and politician who was elected as the 18th President. When the Civil War began, he rejoined the Army, becoming a colonel of volunteer soldiers from Illinois. After the Civil War he became president of the US in. Grant was a famous Union general in the American Civil War and served two terms as president of the United States. He was born Hiram Ulysses Grant on April

Grant Cottage State Historic Site is the final home of Ulysses S. Grant. He spent his final weeks here with his family before he completed his memoirs and. President Ulysses S. Grant · He helped to establish the National Park System including the first National Park, Yellowstone. · Grant fought for the civil rights. After six years of unsuccessful civilian life, Grant returned to the army as commanding colonel of the 21st Illinois Volunteer Regiment on June 17, He. As controversial in politics as he was in the military, Ulysses S. Grant (–) was an embattled president, enormously popular with the American people. Fortunately, Grant did not seek a geographic cure in Colorado. Instead, he accepted his father's offer to go to Galena, Illinois and work in the leather store. Additionally, Grant advanced the cause of Civil Service Reform, more than any president before him, creating America's first Civil Service Commission. In In , the family moved again, to Galena, Illinois, where Grant had a job as a clerk in his father's leather shop. He worked there until , when the. Served a secretary of war ad interim during confrontation between President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton pursuant to Johnson's attempt. Ultimately, Grant is best remembered for his role as Union general, rather than as an effective president. He did, however, serve two terms. Later in life.

Before Grant went off to West Point and then got married to Julia Dent, he worked for his family's tannery business in Ohio where he was. After the Civil War, President Andrew Johnson named Grant Secretary of War over the newly reunited nation. In , running against Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant's life as a civilian resulted in alcoholism and struggles with maintaining his business ventures. Prior to his presidency, Grant had no political. Jobs · Buy Tickets. Search. NPS Grant And even though February is the shortest month of the year, President Ulysses S. Whether you're snapping pics before. The outbreak of the Civil War found Ulysses S. Grant working as a clerk in his brother's leather store in Illinois. Although he had been graduated from West. Born in , Ulysses S. Grant was the son of an Ohio tanner. He went to West Point and fought in the Mexican War under General Zachary Taylor. He returned to St. Louis and unsuccessfully attempted to earn a living in a variety of occupations. Finally in , his overbearing father gave him a job as. Work in the field occupied most of Grant's summers. He was active with the Geological Surveys of Illinois and Wisconsin, and also worked in Michigan, Oregon. Ulysses S. Grant - Civil War, Reconstruction, President: Grant work so congenial that he began his memoirs. Grant completed his memoirs shortly before his.

U.S. Grant Birthplace. Tour the birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War general and two-term president of the United States. Desperate for money, Grant turned to writing his wartime memoirs as a way to support his family. He began by selling short magazine articles, then negotiated a. When his superior in the West, General Henry W. Halleck, was transferred to Washington that summer, Grant took over command of the Union Army along the. Perhaps no state did more to advance and propel the career of Ulysses S. Grant than Mississippi. Thus, it stands to reason that his memoirs are housed at. Despite the criticism he received in the press, Grant was the first Union leader to push the war into the South and force the Confederates to defend their.

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